Our holistic approach to Enterprise Risk Management combines the Best in KLAS expertise from multiple highly specialized business partners. Our team of experts includes backgrounds with the NSA, Big Consulting, healthcare and legal industry. Dedicated to the healthcare industry for over 25 years, Cyber Tygr’s team has leveraged advanced disruptive technology solutions to help healthcare organizations overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. Today’s challenges and consequences are greater than ever.

Information systems, personal data, intellectual property, reimbursement models and even patient safety exceed acceptable risk levels. Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence are the front line in a comprehensive business mission-focused data-driven defense, designed to reduce and sustain lower enterprise risk scores while educating staff in security awareness.

HIPAA, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, OCR, CISA, QPP and OSHA are just a few determinants impacting a healthcare facility's approach and prioritization for risk management, threat reduction, and patient and employee safety.

The Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Taskforce (HCIC) was directed, through Presidential Executive Order 13800, to develop specific Cybersecurity recommendations and best practices for a Congressional report released in June of 2017. The Task Force identified six high-level imperatives to organize the recommendations and action items. Cyber Tygr is aligned with multiple #1 Best in KLAS business partners, targeting each of the six (HCIC) imperatives.

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