Cyber Tygr is a healthcare privacy and cybersecurity company coordinating our network of partners to meet the needs of healthcare providers according to their resources. We focus on the fundamentals of cybersecurity consulting, technical services and compliance providing deep security. Applying the healthcare industry’s measurable best practices and HHS guidance, we manage risks and monitor environments to detect, prevent and remediate threats.

Assessment Services

A strategic business partner developing and supporting Cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliance programs

Cyber Tygr’s assessment services are integral components of a complete HIPAA Compliance program

Security Solutions

An array of cybersecurity services from technical testing to security program development

Industry tested depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise

Managed Services

Visibility and monitoring of the unseen areas in your extended network security

Detect, protect and remediate threats before a data breach occurs


ROI Tool

Contact Cyber Tygr for a free Utilization Assessment and Return on Investment. Our deliverable clearly details how income can be increased and costs reduced. Easily justify a medical device security solution to senior leadership and budgeting committees. Let us help you communicate the problem.

Size Specific Strategies

The process of implementing cybersecurity practices will vary by organization size, complexity, and type. For example, the development and implementation of an incident response plan will differ significantly between a large integrated delivery network and a small two-physician practice.

Each size organization has specific cybersecurity-related attributes, strengths, and vulnerabilities. For cybersecurity practices to be optimally effective, organizations must tailor them to their unique needs and business mission.

Small Healthcare Organizations

4 out of 5 physicians have experienced a cybersecurity attack

Providers: 1-25 Physicians

Hospital: 1-50 Beds

Complexity: Single Practice or Care Site

Medium Healthcare Organizations

Community hospitals are targeted because their security measures are often incomplete or weak

Providers: 26-500 Physicians

Hospital: 51-299 Beds

Complexity: Multiple Sites

Large Healthcare Organizations

Broad missions with large volumes of assets operating in a complex legal and regulatory digital ecosystem

Providers: Over 50 Physicians

Hospital: Over 300 Beds

Complexity: Integrated Delivery Network, AMC, Insurer or Clearinghouse

Don't Know Your Size?

Don't Know Your Size?

Cyber Tygr integrates industry best practices and cost effective software solutions into our client’s individual environments to minimize costs and maximize HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity

  • Best in KLAS expertise from multiple highly specialized business partners
  • Dedicated to the healthcare industry for over 25 years
  • Affordable Quality – we eliminate overhead and share partnership discounts to leverage budgets and increase layered services
  • An ecosystem of qualified and experienced partners insure effective and affordable solutions
  • An integrated suite of affordable software solutions manage your compliance, risk and cybersecurity workflow
  • Cyber Tygr executives are sought-after industry leaders as experts in privacy, cybersecurity, compliance and risk management
  • Our consultants average 15 years of practical experience and maintain a wide range of professional certifications


It’s not IF you will be hacked, it’s WHEN. Are you prepared to minimize the financial hemorrhaging that results from your vulnerabilities being successfully exploited?

In 2018, the healthcare industry again sustained the highest number of breaches, according to the Verizon Report. In 2019, estimates are that one in three hospitals will be breached with an average exfiltration of 15,000 patient records at a cost of $408 per record. Some security experts like the Herjavec Group estimate a 500% increase in attacks on the healthcare industry in 2019.

The average successful attack nets $3.8 million for the hacker. Even more unfortunate, the healthcare organization loses an average of $7.8 million in disrupted operations, regulatory fines, damaged reputation, legal action and loss of future business.

The healthcare industry invests only 6% of their IT budget in cybersecurity, one of the lowest industry averages. The industry that has the highest per record value and the highest attack percentage is the least prepared. It’s easy to see why cyber-criminals patiently analyze their healthcare victims and plan their attacks using social engineering, phishing, email address harvesting, and other tactics to research, identify, and select targets.

To rectify this situation, Health and Human Services has strongly recommended the incorporation of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) with HIPAA compliance requirements. Cyber Tygr delivers affordable, tailored, measurable methods to achieve compliance and cybersecurity for the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Industry Statistics

$7.32 million

Average Cost of a Data Breach
2018 Verizon Report

358 Days

Mean Time To Identify and Contain a Data Breach
2018 Ponemon Report


Increase in Cyber Attacks on Healthcare in 2019
the Herjavec Group


Average number of vulnerable connected medical devices per hospital bed


Times more likely incidents at Clinics will result from unapproved hardware
the DHHS

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