Red Team Tactics – authorized simulated attacks

The Red Team, or penetration testers, can provide a realistic picture of the security readiness by unannounced testing of an organization’s active controls and countermeasures. Cyber Tygr’s penetration testing focuses on the HIPAA Security Rule to determine the dangers to the outside perimeter of the network, internal threats and inadequate or misconfigured defenses.

Our Red Team penetration testing design identifies security vulnerabilities and analyzes the business impact resulting from possible exploitation. By mimicking cyber attacks relevant to your business, Cyber Tygr will find weaknesses, prioritize potential risks, and provide recommendations to bolster your business’s defenses in a cost effective manner.

Our findings are very specific, delivering prescriptive results that determine the best technology suite to be used, from DDOS protection, carrier failover to firewall selection. Technical mitigations can be augmented with a humanistic security awareness process, creating a layered security approach.

Test the strengths and weaknesses in a Data Backup and Disaster Recovery/Incident Response Plan. Cyber Tygr’s penetration testing is conducted and guided by experts with years of classified level security intelligence experience.

    Penetration Testing services include but are not limited to the following:
  • Determine most likely & frequent attacks
  • Mimic adversaries methodologies
  • Blending of client, Internet, Web and wireless-based attacks
  • Clearly defined scope – assets, methods, timing
  • Type - white-box, grey-box and black-box scenarios available
  • Methods – social engineering, Web, host, network, privilege escalation
  • Targets – data, medical devices, infrastructure, people, IT assets
  • Complete documentation