Security Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

Healthcare organizations are utilizing technology and service providers to automate and fill the mundane security related activities pertaining to monitoring. Acquiring the personnel, tools and expertise to review false positives, evaluate events, respond, and tune the systems to meet the new threats is simply overwhelming and financially infeasible. We offer alternatives for leveraging our technology and experts.

For less than the cost of an on-premise Security Information & Event Manager (SIEM), get the integrated SIEM and Security Operations Center (SOC) that marries the technology and alerting with the security staff to manage it.

Before purchasing a SIEM solution, it’s essential to know what purpose the system is expected to serve. Our subject matter experts discuss and analyze the client’s organizational business objectives, compliance responsibilities, network protocols and configuration before we recommend a platform solution.

Our clients have the option between our fully Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), Managed Detection & Response (MDR) and Co-Managed solutions. Each client is unique, and we work closely to ensure they choose the solution that meets their security needs and risk tolerance.

Leave the burden of setup, configuration, maintenance and monitoring to a dedicated team. Anything that generates a log, on devices and through the cloud, can be monitored 24/7 by expert analysts.

Effective SOC; People, Technology and Trusted Principles

  • Behind the technology is a team of security professionals, dedicated to protecting your network.
  • Successfully coupled with a proven process for prevention, detection, and remediation.
  • Sign Business Associate Agreement
  • Access to our Legal & Regulatory Expert and General Counsel

Compliance Updates and Advisory

Extensive Monitoring Capabilities
  • Intrusion Detection & Real Time Alerting: Identifying threats, while ensuring key personnel are notified.
  • Log Collection and Correlation: All asset log information is captured processed and stored.
  • Forensic Archival: For storage and compliance.
  • Custom Alarms & Dashboard: Get notified about the events that are important to you.

Practical Business Tool
  • Security Reports: View reports on all events on your network.
  • Simple Deployment: Professional security experts will help manage the process.
  • Flexible Pricing: Cost based on log sources monitored, not events recorded or device type.