Incident Response Requires People

Is the event a breach? Are you prepared to make the legal distinction? A breach requires specific actions to mitigate consequences. Is there ransomware? HIPAA requires a notification within 60 days. An organization’s response time, resiliency, loss mitigation and ability to restore business continuity will be dependent upon the organization’s preparedness and experience. Cyber Tygr partners with healthcare organizations to understand their environment before an incident, providing our landing team with much needed insight into the infrastructure they are immediately engaging.

We quickly set in motion the response plan, determine the cause of the breach and identify the targeted systems or data. Our team uses the details of the attack to help the organization recover and move the environment into a state of prevention, protecting the network from similar future attacks. Retainers are an intelligent method of establishing relationships prior to an event. An organization can significantly reduce the costs associated with delayed or inexperienced incident response.

Faster Response Minimizes Losses

  • Collect compromised equipment
  • Provide forensic proof and analysis
  • Report to executives and board members as necessary
  • Conduct interviews, provide analysis
  • Engage internal forensic auditing services
  • Provide swift access to PR firms, insurance and legal counsel experienced with managing cybersecurity issues
  • Aid in relocation to temporary office space and provide temporary equipment
  • Implement a long-term mitigation plan such as providing new MSP, tools, etc.