Vendors pose the #1 Cybersecurity Threat in 2019

Ponemon and Tenable Report

Healthcare providers are becoming increasingly dependent upon services controlled or hosted by third parties, including Business Associates (BA), to deliver vital services. Vendors do not always follow the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules, leaving your sensitive data at risk. BA’s lack of HIPAA compliance and vendors with remote access disregarding cyber hygiene, are an open backdoor increasing your risks dramatically.

Cyber Tygr provides a modern cost effective MSSP solution to automate risk management of third-party service providers that require access to Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII). 
 Improve controls over third parties’ access to sensitive data and reduce risk exposure by ensuring third parties have appropriate security practices to protect sensitive and confidential data.

Software and Services Solution:
  • Improve governance by establishing stakeholders and processes
  • Classify and group based on risk tiers
  • Focus on vendors handling sensitive information
  • Track and follow through on tasks assigned to the BA
  • Ensure BA is adhering to remediation strategies and corrective action plans
  • Security posture change alerts
  • Automated workflow reduces manual tasks and increases compliance
  • Email integration alerts managers on incomplete tasks and security posture changes
  • Executive leadership dashboards
  • Supports merger and acquisition due diligence

GRC integrated contracting, onboarding and risk management workflow
Business Associate
Risk Management Workflow